Monday, February 9, 2009

Why is it some appliances you buy are just crap from day one? FridgeOur refrigerator is a prime example. The fridge that came with the house (and our then-30 year mortgage) dropped dead and suddenly we needed a fridge. So off to the appliance store we went.

We bought a name brand, but because it was just the two of us (and four tiny cats) we decided we didn't need a full-sized fridge. It looks full sized, it's just not as tall as a BIG fridge. Consequently, it doesn't hold as much. But that wasn't going to be a problem, right?

Wrong! Not only do we collect hundreds of Peanutbutter & jelly jars of condiments (that we might use again), but when we cook--we make enough for an army. Hubby doesn't like to eat the same food every night, so three or four times a week, we fill the fridge with bowls and plastic containers, and then we have leftovers for lunch for days and days on end. (Or at least I do.)

We figured we'd live a happy life with our name brand (not mentioned for fear of lawsuits) fridge. But we have NOT been happy. First the gasket on the door began to shrink, so we have an energy loss. Second, no matter how many times we lower the temperature, something freezes. Currently I've got a half gallon of 2% milk that's more slush than milk, frozen leftover tika masala, and a frozen bottle of lime seltzer. I'm afraid to dig further. One consolation--if it's frozen, it has a longer shelf life, right?

We need to buy a new fridge. We don't want to buy a new fridge, although I will admit, every time I go to a place that sells appliances (think Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) I look at the fridges, look at the price tags, and cringe.

I hate my fridge and I'm probably stuck with it for a couple more years. What lousy appliance are you living with?