Thursday, March 5, 2009

PET PEEVE THURSDAY -- Public Restrooms

My guest today is Deb Baker, author of the Dolls to Die For and Yooper mystery series.

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, so I’m going to launch on one of my biggest on-the-road pet peeves. RestroomPublic restroom stalls. Who designs this stuff? Usually the stall is about the size of an upended coffin. Not only that, the door swings inward. I’m forced to go through this whole acrobatic thing to get the door closed. I end up straddling the toilet. The whole situation is even worse if I’m in an airport and have carry-on luggage with me.

Sometimes, though, I have a spacious stall. In this case, guaranteed, the door always swings outward. And has a weak lock just waiting for me to get in position before malfunctioning and swinging open. Talk about embarrassing!

Don’t even getting me started on those automatic paper-covered seat thingees or faucets that don’t work after I’ve soaped up my hands.

Next time, I’m holding it until I get home.

And what's bugging you today?
Ding Dong Dead
Deb Baker's latest book is Ding Dong Dead, fourth in her Dolls To Die For Mystery Series. Deb is also the Vice President for the newly formed Wisconsin Chapter of Sisters In Crime. Deb posts on The Cozy Chicks every Wednesday. And feel free to check out Deb's website, too.