Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New (to me) Reviews Sometimes it seems like I'm pretty clueless--at least I think so. One of my vigilant readers has forwarded not one but TWO neat reviews of BOOKMARKED FOR DEATH to me from respected print media--a little late, but always welcome. (Thanks, Lois!)

Mystery Scene Magazine, under "Cozy Favorites"

A bookstore owner's worst nightmare--the author found dead in the washroom--starts off Lorna Barrett's charming Bookmarked for Death (Berkley, $6.99). Tricia Miles, the owner of Haven't Got a Clue bookstore in the little town of Stoneham, New Hampshire, better solve this mystery before she takes the fall.

Mystery News (April/May 2009)

The second in the "Booktown Mysteries" series, Bookmarked for Death is a good cozy set in the village of Stoneham, New Hampshire. The entire community is distressed by huge flocks of Canada gees and the mess they make everywhere at a time when they are hoping to host a successful book fair featuring the numerous bookshops that make them a "booktown."

The Haven't Got a Clue mystery bookstore is hosting Zoe Carter, a reclusive author who is the most famous person from Stoneham. After the signing, bookstore owner Tricia Miles discovers the Edgar-winning author murdered in the restroom. Sheriff Wendy Adams closes the store for four days, causing many problems as well as loss of sales for Tricia. Doubt is cast upon Carter's authorship of her bestselling books, and more violence ensues.

The Characters are likable and the puzzle is intriguing. There is more cooking information than book lore. Tricia's sister, Angelica, a forceful personality indeed, owns the cook book shop next door. The ubiquitous recipes are included and a couple of them look good enough to try.

Naturally, I'm very happy to have positive reviews, and plan to boil them down for promo. How about this.

"Charming!"--Mystery Scene Magazine
"The puzzle is intriguing." -- Mystery News

Short and sweet, eh?