Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Uglymess2 For several years now, we've been saying, "We ought to do something about the mess in the front of the house." But things came up, winter came, stuff like that.

Finally, it just got out of control. Not only were the things we didn't want getting out of control, the weeds were huge. It finally became time TO DO SOMETHING.

It was a big surprise to me when hubby announced, "I've contracted to have the front of the house cleaned up." What? Without my input? (Slow boil.) But, okay--it was such a mess I was willing to go that way. Until I found out that my favorite rhododendron was to be KILLED. Chopped up by a chain saw. Ripped out by the roots.

I don't think so!

Nope, it was going. Hubby was adamant.

Oh no!

Uglymess3 So one day last week, landscaping guys came. A day early--before 8 a.m. Backing up the driveway with a big truck filled with dirt. Yes, they started with the chainsaw and ripping out everything (including my daffodil bulbs!!!) but the were NOT going to kill that rhododendron. So off to the backyard I went and starting digging a very big hole.

Replantrhodo1 I was prepared to move the bush myself, but was grateful when two of the guys did it for me. Of course the big question now is, will it survive? Only time will tell.

I was amazed how fast the guys transformed the "mess" into a nice tidy area with hydrangeas, hostas, three NEW rhododendrons, a ninebark, and a bleeding heart.

It's a bit stark yet, and I imagine it'll take a couple of years before things "fill out." (I'm also wondering how long it'll take before the guy who plows our drive in the winter rams into the rock on the far right.) But no doubt about it. It's tidy.Newfront4

Of course, now I'm thinking . . . maybe we should add shutters. Repaint (new color)? And . . . and . . .