Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today's guest is author Kate Collins, who writes the Flower Shop Mysteries.

Raccoon flowers I'm really peeved about a raccoon that keeps tearing up my newly planted flowers. Darned critter comes out at night and rips out the flower and roots, usually separately, then digs a hole to the bottom of the pot, no doubt looking for grubs. WHICH HE NEVER FINDS. But does that stop him from returning the next night? Of course not.

I've tried putting a repellent on the plants, but we've had rain every single night Shoot your eye out since then, which washes off the repellent, and then he's right back at it again. (I say "he" because a lady raccoon would take the hint!) I am not a hunter, but if I had a BB gun, I might be dangerous. Or I'd shoot my eye out.

At any rate, I'm tired of replanting petunias! I need help. Suggestions anyone?

(And what's bugging you today?)
Evil In Carnations Kate Collins, is the author of The Flower Shop Mysteries. Her latest release is EVIL IN CARNATIONS, where the dating scene can be a killer! Kate posts on Mondays at The Cozy Chicks blog. You can also visit Kate on Myspace, Facebook, or LinkedIn