Thursday, July 23, 2009

PET PEEVE THURSDAY: Nothing is Safe From Chester

I love my cats.  They are a source of constant joy.

They're also a pain in the neck.

Each of them have their little quirks.  Fred likes to chill out in his carrier during the day.  Betsy likes to "work out" (pretend to claw) your foot.  Bon-Bon likes to hear the sound of water dripping from the bathroom tap.  And then there's Chester.  Chester is a "wool eater."

Grooming According to the cat book, wool eaters eat fabric.  Chester actually doesn't eat wool, but there's no doubt about it--he's a "texture" fiend and fabric of any kind is his friend.  He likes to lick the kitty cushions under the big (200 watt) light bulb.  He'll lick the afghan on the couch (if we don't catch him), and he's very fond of all his fabric (including Beanie Baby) toys.

But he's also fond of MY STUFF.  NOTHING IS SAFE.  My friend Gwen makes lovely woven bookmarks, and I have been the happy recipient of many of them.  But I can't leave them laying around or else Chester (the nosy) will find them.  Then he'll "kill" them (with much yowling) and then carry them around in great triumph before presenting them to my husband or me.  We don't dare leave a pair of socks on the bathroom floor. Next thing you know, they'll be in the kitchen or the dining room.  I have a pile of beautiful linen napkins in a basket--all set for a charity auction.  They've been ending up all over the house, too.  (Back in the laundry they go.)  Same with a dresser scarf I bought last week.  You never know what treasure Chester is going to find and redistribute.

Okay, as peeves go, this is a small one--but it's still annoying.  (And cute at the same time.)

And what's bugging you today?