Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My To-Do List

Pigsfly Since I'm between books (or at least rewrites) right now, I figured it was the perfect time to get organized.  Yeah, and pigs fly!

No, really, Sunday I sat down and made a list of 16 things I wanted to accomplish in the not-too-distant future, and shockingly, in two days I managed to accomplish 11 of the items.

Dirty laundry Of course, I think I should have omitted the first item:  Laundry.  I don't know about you, but laundry is something that gets attacked--not DONE.  Sure enough, as soon as I do one load, there's another one sitting there waiting to either be washed or dried.  I did two loads yesterday, but I figure I've still got at least two if not three more to go.  And then in a couple of days, there'll be more.  So do I just cross that off the list or do I leave it on forever?

To do list The majority of items on the list are for promotion for Bookplate Special.  (Okay, the book doesn't come out until November--but still, these things need to get done.)  Last night (okay, early this morning--I couldn't sleep so I got up) I wrote a press release.  I read the disconnected sentences I'd assembled, I realized I needed help.  So I e-mailed my Sisters-In-Crme chapter (The Guppies) and asked for it.  Within five minutes, I got a reply from a member in Italy (hey, what with the time difference, she was up for the day) who said she used to write press releases for a living.  She went over my sentences, checked out my website, and within an hour had e-mailed me back with her suggestions.  Whoa!  How's that for a great way to start the day?

I've been working on my snail mail address lists, and have printed out some of my labels.  Oops!  Realized I have more addresses than labels.  Had to order more.  Oops!  Toner cartridge on the verge of dying--off to Sam's Club to buy another.  (These weren't on the list, but they count, right?)

LemonBar Also on the list is recipe testing.  Sometimes you have to test a recipe more than once.  I've been playing with a lemon bar recipe (for Chapter and Hearse) and I'm not happy with the timing.  Oh dear, I'll have to do it again--and we'll have to eat the results.  (It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.)

Scottie doorstop Okay, not everything has to do with book promotion.  I have a cast iron door stop in the shape of a Scottie dog.  It works great, except it's got a rough bottom.  (Oh, does that sound rude, or what?)  So on tap this morning is gluing some felt on the bottom so that my hardwood floor will be safe.

And what's on your to-do list today?