Thursday, September 10, 2009


By guest Blogger Sheila Connolly

Crocs Ah, summer! Bare feet, flipflops, Crocs. In other words, foot comfort.

But all good things must end, and summer's gone. Yesterday I had to put on a pair of real grown-up leather shoes to go to a luncheon. And as usual, my feet complained.

Pantyhose The skin of my feet is fussy. I simply cannot wear shoes without some sort of buffer, be it sock or footie or knee-high. It makes me feel old, particularly when my twenty-something daughter sneers at me. "You're wearing pantyhose?" she says, incredulous. "Yes," I reply firmly. "I must." It's not a fashion statement, or anti-statement. I'm trying to protect my feet from those evil shoes.

And it still doesn't work. As a result, I'm an expert on band-aids and moleskin. And bless the pharmaceutical industry, because they keep inventing weird and wonderful new products along those lines, that are closer and closer to natural skin. They even stick, instead of curling up and creeping into your shoe and driving you crazy. I now carry a complete foot repair kit to any conference, because there's nothing worse than trekking the endless miles of corridors in a hotel, or having to stand and make small talk with that Really Important Agent, when your feet hurt. You can't escape your feet.

Red high heels But still, there are some shoes you just have to wear, now and then, blisters be damned. Like those strappy red dancing shoes. Everybody needs a pair of red shoes, right? Even my podiatrist agrees with me. Now and then it's worth the pain.

And what's bugging YOU today?
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