Friday, November 13, 2009

A Major Mistake!!!

So there I was, corking in the changes on the new manuscript and came across a note I'd made to myself: Check time line to make sure what day the funeral was on.

My time line is kind of a fluid thing. I usually end up writing MOST of it at rewrite time, so I can figure out where the holes in the story are. I was working on Chapter 13, and I needed to check something in Chapter 10. So back to the time line I went, to see what happened on what day and OHMYGOD -- I had an extra day in the week!!!! That can't happen. I've read this story about a gazillion times, there's no way I could've made that kind of error!

Hourglass So I started shuffling papers, and wondering how the heck I can fix a mistake this honking big with only two weeks left to go before the manuscript is due.

Can you say: PANIC ATTACK???

So back I went, trying to figure out where I'd made my mistake, my stomach churning, tears close to falling when all of a sudden I saw it. The mistake was in the TIME LINE not the manuscript.

Whew! What a relief.

Pass the Mylanta, will you?

Ever have one of those day?