Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've finally Made It!

Last week (or so?  I've got a memory like a sieve), I wrote about Christmas gifts and how my brother always gets me "good stuff."

Yesterday, I got an IM from him saying he'd left me a little present over at my mother's house.  (Mind you, I live only 7 houses away--he COULD have stopped over and brought it himself--but that's a rant for Pet Peeve Thursday.)

It was VERY COLD AND WINDY so I didn't make it down the road until six or seven hours later, and there on the rocking chair sat my present, still in it's cardboard shipping box.  To tell you the truth, I'd actually forgotten about the present until my mother handed it to me.  "Oh, I thought this was for YOU."

Drum roll So, I open it up and inside, nestled against the cardboard packaging is...


A roll of yellow crime tape.

I laughed so hard!

My brother has never taken my writing all that seriously--not even when I dedicated my first book to him, but I guess he "gets it" after all.

Crime scene Yup, I've finally made it.