Thursday, January 14, 2010


By Guest Blogger Jennifer (J.B.) Stanley

Raccoon No, I’m not talking about prowlers wearing pantyhose on their heads. At this point, I think I’d prefer that kind! My pet peeve revolves around a troupe of invaders coming into the house through our cat door, wreaking total havoc!

I love animals! All of them except for poisonous snakes, sharks, and caterpillars (don’t even ask).

I knew we had raccoons and opossums and other nocturnal critters living in our neighborhood and I’ve always kind of sort of fed them by tossing our dinner remnants over the deck. This way, the lucky creatures would dine on rib bones or pieces of steak or bits of potato. You get the idea.

Oreo I guess the raccoons weren’t satisfied with leftovers. Starting around Christmas, I’d come downstairs to find our pantry torn apart. And do you know what? These raccoons only wanted chocolate!  Over the past few weeks, those danged masked bandits have eaten four bags of semi-sweet morsels, a package of chocolate shavings, boxes of chocolate-covered granola and protein bars, and all the 100-calorie Oreos!

My kids were not pleased. I was not pleased.

I barricaded the pantry door (it doesn’t close all the way). They pushed aside objects I could barely lift, and each morning I go down to prepare breakfast only to find a new mess.  Finally, I got smart and bought an industrial-strength rubber doorstop. Wedged that sucker right in the crack below the door and stopped them from getting into the pantry.  In retaliation, they went for the garbage.

To make a long story less long, I’m no longer throwing food over the deck. Now I can only hope they’ll move to my neighbor’s house in the near future! :)

And what's bugging YOU today?
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