Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And The Title Is .....

If you recall, a few weeks back, I ran a contest to NAME THE NEXT BOOKTOWN MYSTERY, with the winner being a character in the next Booktown Mystery, and choosing to either be a good guy or a bad guy.

Wow--you guys are wonderful and came up with a LOT of terrific ideas for books--over 230 of them.  I picked my favorites and let my editor take a look.  (Many readers don't realize that our publishers often pick the titles of our books.  We can suggest what we like, but ultimately it's the publisher (or Marketing Department), that chooses.) 

Cruella The next Booktown Mystery will be titled:  SENTENCED TO DEATH, which was suggested by Michele Fowler.  Michele opted to be a "bad guy."  (Good choice, Michele!  I hope you'll love being the owner of an art gallery.)

(Cool, huh?)

Angel13 And Booktown Mystery #6 will most likely be titled MURDER ON THE HALF SHELF, which was suggested Linda Fugitt, and Linda wants to be a "good guy."  (Sorry, Linda, I won't even start that book until at least September, so I have no idea what your character will be like--but she'll be good!)

If they're interested, runners up will receive a consolation prize by mail.  I'll be contacting you individually.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest.