Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An unhappy consumer

As some of you will recall, I got a new fridge a couple of weeks ago.  The appliance showroom was full of those autopsy fridges (stainless steel) which looked big enough to store a woolly mammoth.  Meanwhile, all the fridges that were either white, bisque, or black looked like a LOT smaller than the autopsy fridges.

Salesman Eager for a sale, the salesman (no doubt working on commission) shook his head.  "No, ma'am, all these fridges have the same square footage."

Hmm.  I didn't have a tape measure, so there was no way I could check.
So I purchased my fridge and waited a week for them to deliver it. 
It took one huge ice chest, a medium ice chest, and a big plastic bag to empty my old freezer.  Luckily, it was about 15 degrees outside, so out in the enclosed porch it went.

The new fridge arrived, and when I put all the stuff back inside of the refrigerator part with no trouble.  And then I started putting the frozen stuff away.  Guess what?  I only managed to put two-thirds of the freezer stuff back.  (I still have a bag of bread out on the enclosed porch.)  And since then, everything inside of it has been trying to escape--especially heavy pieces of frozen meat. 

I've been pelted by chicken, sausage, frozen bags of lima beans and peas, birthday candles, bags of ice, boxes of puff pastry and veggies burgers, and one thing's for sure:  That freezer is much, MUCH smaller than the old freezer.

The fridge is DEFINITELY smaller.  It might be the same height as the old one, but it's definitely . . . thinner.  There's about five inches more space around it than the old one.  That's probably why it rates as an Energy Star model.  Of course it takes less energy to run . . . IT'S SMALLER!

Thumbs down2 The thing is...we're stuck with it.  No more buying veggies on sale.  No more frozen loafs of bread.

I am unhappy and I loathe my new freezer.

Have you ever been disappointed by a major appliance?