Friday, May 14, 2010

And You Could Win A Haven't Got A Clue Coffee Mug!

Coffee mug Okay, it's time for another contest.  The Prize?  Your choice -- an advance review copy of the upcoming 4th book in the Booktown Mystery series, CHAPTER & HEAERSE, or a Haven't Got A Clue coffee mug  (your choice).


Yes, in Booktown Mystery #6 (so far titled Murder On The Half Shelf), the Board of Selectmen are hoping the tourists won't disappear as soon as the bookshops close for the evening, and have decided to allow someone to open up a bar in the village of Stoneham.  Said establishment will serve tapas and drinks.  But . . . I need a name that will pull in the book readers.

Don't forget Stoneham is a BOOK TOWN -- so the bar doesn't have to have a mystery theme - just something to do with books.

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The deadline for entries is May 31st.  

(Feel free to enter more than once.)