Monday, June 14, 2010

And The Winners Are ... and BECAUSE .... For the past week or so, I've held a contest to see who the favorite Booktown secondary characters are.  When I wrote MURDER IS BINDING, I was sure that everyone was going to love Frannie May Armstrong the best.  Much to my surprise, most of the letters I received from readers mentioned Mr. Everett.

Actually, Mr. Everett was almost a total afterthought.  He was just there.  But as the story took shape, this quiet senior citizen just started inching his way into this writer's soul.

Victoria Noble said:  "Mr. Everett is my favorite secondary character.  I love what a gentleman he is, how important his job at Haven't Got a Clue is to him and that he blushed when it came time to kiss his bride." Stephanie backs her up:  "Mr. Everett is charming, loyal, and reminds me of the kind of grandfather I wish I had. When he found love and marriage in book three, I was happy for his character. I could easily imagine myself sitting down with Mr. Everett and discussing books with music playing softly in the background and a great meal prepared by Angelica before us."  And Mary Barker said, "I like Mr. Everett because he grows into an employee and friend."

It turns out, that Angelica runs neck-and-neck with Mr. E as favorite character.  Glenda Stice said, "I know Angelica drives her sister crazy but I think she's truly interested in her well being and a relationship with her. I think she'd always have her back. Even in families with bad blood, blood tends to be thicker than water. These two aren't bitter enemies but they do have their history. Plus I just love her personality and the way she thinks. LOL Sometimes I can relate."

I was really surprised when Julie Anderson Whitcomb chose Bob Kelly as her favorite secondary character.  "Angelica's beau, Bob Kelly, has great potential.  He seems willing to do "almost anything" to make his town successful, but, would he really do almost anything?  Tricia is starting to like him, for Angelica, but the tension he caused at the beginning was good.  I don't like it when everyone gets along (of course I don't like it when everyone is not getting along - ha ha).  But he's developed enough to go either way, so is he good or is he bad?  And he's close enough to the sisters that they could "just" trust him enough to overlook some actions, and get close enough to get themselves in some real danger...."

Anna Kurland loves Nikki Brimfield.  "I love to bake and would love to work in a bakery."  (Nikki has a tiny part in Chapter & Hearse, but she'll be back with more to do in Sentenced to Death (June 2011).)

Bonnie Schelts has a special reason for liking Lois Kerr, Stoneham's librarian:  "I guess being a librarian, I identify with her.  I really liked when she was consulted in I think it was Bookmarked for Death.  It reminded me of people coming in my library asking questions about people around town.  Librarians know a lot more than just books!" And Miss Marple has her fans, too.  Angeline Emery said, "She has the same name as a legendary mystery character, and spends her days lounging around a book store.  Now, that's the life! Miss Marple is constantly sneaking around and getting into something, but she always knows how to get back in Tricia's good graces.  A little swoosh of the tail... a little nudge of her head, and she's in the clear again.  She's a real cat's cat!"
And now for the winners of the contest:

For the HAVEN'T GOT A CLUE MUG:  Victoria Noble

Copies of the Advance Review Copy of CHAPTER & HEARSE go to:  Stephanie and Mary Barker.

PLUS:  15 runners up will receive Haven't Got a Clue/Miss Marple buttons.

Thanks for entering!