Monday, August 23, 2010

Something very special in the mail

Every day the news is filled with terrible stories of murder, wars, and violence, so sometimes we (and me in particular) get jaded.  And it isn't hard to do when your job involves writing about two of those three subjects.  (Although in my books, justice will ALWAYS triumph--something that rarely happens in real life.)

Therefore, we sometimes forget that that there are many good and kind people out there, going about their lives and doing the best they can, and being thoughtful and helpful.

Last week, I was the recipient of an act of kindness.

Dru's_NYT_quilt My friend Dru-Ann Love, who is also a great friend to cozy authors, not just because she writes thoughtful reviews on our books, sent me a special gift.  Dru quilts.  Oh, I know about quilts.  My mother is a quilter and I know about the hours of work, and care and love, that go into any quilted creation.  So I was especially touched by the little quilt Dru sent to me.

Many quilters make memory quilts.  They take photographs or signatures and have them transferred to material for their projects.  Dru took the two New York Times reports for Bookplate Special and Chapter & Hearse and had them transferred to fabric.

Signed_by_dru When I opened the envelope, I burst into tears.  (Sorry, but I did.)  It was such a special, unique and thoughtful gift.  That Dru took all that time to put it together for me made it even more extraordinary.  And like nearly all quilters, Dru signed and dated the quilt. 

Thank you, Dru.  You made my day!