Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm going for the Postive Energy

Boring-meeting1 When I had a day job, I used to loathe the weekly meeting.  Sometimes I would conveniently forget to go . . . but I soon learned that my boss would notice my absence and call my phone and demand I report.  So . . . I began to disappear.  We had a little-used library and I'd take some work (my own) and go hide in the stacks for an hour or so.  It was much less stressful since those meetings usually had nothing to do with my job, I was never called upon to give an opinion,  and they ate away an hour of my day for no productive purpose.

Hey, life is short.  Why waste it?

Today the Cozy Chicks, of which I am a member, are having a virtual meeting in a chatroom.  I'm a little nervous as I've only "chatted" twice before and found it a little disconcerting.  But ... time marches on.  (Maybe one day we'll do a meeting via Skype.)

Button Anyway, I have to admit that ... gulp ... I'm the one who suggested the meeting.  But unlike those meetings at my day job, this meeting has EVERYTHING to do with the blog and ... well, my work on it.

Okay, I'm really, really anal, because I have five full (single-spaced) pages of notes for things to talk about.  (Maybe it's a good thing we're spread over three time zones--that way my Cozy Chick pals can't come over and strangle me.)  But there's a lot to cover.

And unlike the meetings at my day job, I think there's going to be a lot of positive energy at this virtual meeting.  We're going to be talking about ways to improve the blog, our newsletter, and discuss what people have told us they like about the blog.

Positive energy.  I like the sound of that.

Meanwhile, if you haven't ever visited the Cozy Chicks blog, come on over and see what we're all about.