Saturday, October 23, 2010

Try Some New-To-You-Authors via E books!

BEfacebook As promised yesterday . . .

Authors associated with the Backlist Ebooks web site (and Facebook page -- come on over and LIKE us!) have come together to offer our books to readers at a 25% discount.  Think of it as a kind of getting-to-know-you bash.

We're all authors who've been published by traditional publishing houses.  Eventually those books go out of print.  Before the days of e books, not much happened after a book went OOP, but now, thanks to Kindle, Nook, Sony Ereader, iPad, etc. our books are available to whole new audiences of readers.

Mystery, suspense, fantasy, romance, science fiction, true crime . . . there's something for everyone.

Click on the SPECIALS TAB at the Backlist Ebooks Web site:

You'll find something good to read by:

Deb Baker (cozy Mysteries)
L.L. Barlett (that's me! -- psychological suspense)
Pamela Burford (romance)
Marsha Canham (romance)
Jeffrey A. Carver (science fiction)
Diane Chamberlain (women's fiction)
Doranna Durgin (fantasy and romance)
Mary Ellen Hughes (cozy mystery)
Chuck Hustmyre (true crime)
Kelly McClymer (romance)
Julie Ortolon (romance)
P.B. Ryan (historical mystery)
Patricia Ryan (historical romance)
Kathryn Shay (romance)
Laurin Wittig (romance)

Boo! Hurry! The sale only lasts until October 31st!

P.S. If you don't have an ereader, you can download books to other devices, like your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Droid, or Blackberry.