Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm a Wrapper NOT a Rapper

Wrapping_lady Next to the music, and the lights, and the decorations, I love wrapping Christmas presents best.  Some years I have a major wrapathon (while watching It's A Wonderful Life).  This year I've been drawing the process out.  The other day, I wrapped just the stocking stuffers.  Then I wrapped the baby's toys.  (Yes, we have a baby in the family this year.  Actually, I should say the world's cutest most mellow baby. Even when she's crabby, she doesn't cry.  How her mom lucked out, I just don't know.)

Yesterday I wrapped a bunch of presents, and I'm not finished yet.

I find it difficult to choose the wrapping paper.  I always reserve the prettiest for my Mom.  Mr. L and I always wrap all our gifts with the same paper.  (That is, all my presents will be wrapped the same, and I'll wrap his with a different paper but they'll all be the same.  Then we number them with Post-It notes.)

Katie as Prof McGonagall I don't use bows because our last batch of cats would try to eat them.  In fact, more than once I had to rewrap a present when Saint Kate (that's what Mr. L always called her, for in my eyes she could do no wrong) would chew on them. (Sorry I couldn't make Kate's picture any bigger.)

For six years Fred never cared about ribbon, but when I was doing the goodie bags for Chapter & Hearse back in July, I cut 50 lengths of curly ribbon and dropped one on trip from my office to the dining room where I was assembling the bags.  Fred ate it and decided that ribbon was better than kitty snacks.  Now I have to be very careful.  (We once had a cat who ate the plastic tinsel off the tree.  Oy ... you don't want to know what happened next.)

I'll have to sneak in some more time and do more wrapping later today.

Are you a wrapper?  Do you like it and how elaborate do you get with wrapping paper and ribbons?