Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is Timing Everything?

Polar bear stamp Last week my publisher sent me a GIGANTIC box of postcards for A Crafty Killing.  So, I spent most of the weekend putting labels and stamps and stickers on the postcards.

Whew!  I'm pooped!

The postcards for librarians, booksellers, book clubs, and local readers (who I've invited to my book launch on Feb. 5th) have already gone out.  When Mr. L (who volunteered to go to the Post Office) saw the extra big tote he said, "Wow--that's a lot."  When he lifted the tote he said, "WOW, THAT'S HEAVY!"

ACK_postcards_ready_to_mail Now I have just the postcards for everybody else sitting on a chair in my dining room waiting to go out.  All 1,579 of them. I'm just trying to decide if they should go out today or tomorrow.

How crucial is the timing?

The book is officially released on Tuesday.  If I send them out today, they will arrive to most places on Saturday.  What if Rhonda Reader is so excited she makes a trip to her local bookstore only to find the book isn't available until Tuesday?

Do I send them out tomorrow, so that most of them will arrive on Monday?  Or do I send them on Saturday and hope that most of them arrive on Tuesday?

Decisions, decisions.

What would you do?