Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hey, stop messing up the desert!

By Doranna Durgin
100411playfight23 I live in the Tijeras Canyon foothills of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It's an upper Sonoran ecology with high desert mountain/plains transitional area; we're just close enough so we're still part of the foothills' rolling, sloped flats and deep arroyos; our little swale is surrounded on all sides by  jagged, steep ridges.

We're lucky enough to  live near a wonderful collection of open land acres--at least, that's what they are for now.  They belong to the school system, but nothing's happening there and they're more or less community-use.  A couple of us on horses…others on ATVs.

It turns out there aren't a whole lot of things more fun than riding bareback through the arroyos: middle-aged me on my getting-older Lipizzan, playing with nature's rollercoasters.

Too bad some in this community is just plain stoopit.  This is a fragile land of sparse bunch grasses, juniper and cedar, and scattered ponderosa and piñons.  Any areas of unprotected adobe soil are rock hard in the summer and pure, unadulterated, impossible-to-imagine clay-sand splooge in the winter.  It erodes easily, and needs all the protection it can get from those bunch grasses.  For that reason, I strictly manage my horse's access to his pasture, and I don't ride the open land when the ground is steeped in snow-melt.

Atv-er Dear ATV-riders: 


Destroyed grasses, ripped and vulnerable soil, tire treads to gather and channel water...

Dear ATV-riders:  It's the only earth we've got, and it is not yours to destroy.  Grow up.
Doranna responded to all early injunctions to "put down that book/notebook and go outside to play" by climbing trees to read & write. Such quirkiness of spirit has led to an eclectic publishing journey, spanning genres and form to include mystery, SF/F, action-romance, paranormal, franchise, and a slew of essays and short stories. 
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