Friday, February 4, 2011

One week down . . . how many to go?

Scale In order to lose weight, you have to feel motivated.

After much thought and (a little embarrassment), I feel motivated.

Therefore, today starts week two of THE DIET.

Mr. L hasn't weighed in yet (hey, he's still in bed as I write this), but I have.  He did tell me four days into the diet, "I've ONLY lost three pounds."  ONLY--ONLY!!!  At that point I had not lost an ounce!

Let's face it, men lose weight easier than women, and for him to complain at ONLY three pounds really annoyed me.

But today was weigh-in day and I'm happy to say I lost 2.5 pounds.

What a relief.

I know better than to complain,"Oh, I ONLY lost 2.5 pounds."  Try carrying half a bag of sugar around the house for about fifteen minutes and you begin to think, "Hmm.  2.5 pounds isn't that bad."

Of course we're doing Atkins and they tell you LOSE UP TO 15 POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS.

Maybe if I cut off part of a leg or something, and I value my legs too much for that.

Beef Because you eat a lot of protein, you don't feel hungry all the time, and that has made this diet easier to take.  Except for the "forbidden food" dreams.  Last night I dreamed of homemade beignets.  Mind you, I've never had one IN MY LIFE (and I done even really like doughnuts), but there was this big conference room with a lot of Bignets tables arranged in a big square and every surface was filled with warming trays full of beignets.  Inside the square was a woman and a man hard at work keeping those trays filled, while people came and went, putting piping hot beignets on a plate and leaving the area to enjoy it, cocktail party style.

I grabbed a beignet and broke it open. It was still steaming and it was GREEN inside (must've been a St. Paddy's day beignet) and I was about to take a bite when . . . I woke up.

What do you dream about when you're on a diet?