Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Someplace WARM

Tropical morning For weeks now I've been playing a new age CD called Tropical Morning (by David Arkenstone).  Except for having too many wild bird and insect noises (Mr. L complains about them), it's lovely, background music with gentle waves lapping.

Best of all . . .it's WARM.  I mean, TROPICAL.  The cover has a sunrise and palm fronds.  It's been cold, Cold, COLD here in Western NY since November.

I have been bundled up since October.

The calendar says we have four more weeks of winter, but let's be honest,it isn't going to be warm until at least May (around here, anyway), and I'll still be wearing sweatshirts until June. Then suddenly, it'll be too hot for three months.

Mr. L says we should've moved to San Diego where the weather is fine all year.  But we're stuck here in Western NY and I don't think we're going anywhere else.

Where would you live if you could afford to move/live anywhere?  (I'm thinking England, which can be just as raw. Go figure!)