Friday, March 4, 2011

Me, me, it's all about ME!

I get asked to do a lot of interviews and stuff for blogs.  I like that because it's easier to answer questions than to come up with something new and fresh.  Heck, it's difficult to come up for something new and fresh six days a week for this blog and the Cozy Chicks on Saturdays.

Today I'm guesting on my agent's blog:  Bookends LCC - A Literary Agency.  This is "speed dating for authors'" where she asks her clients 5-6 questions and you answer them.  Fun!!  (Well, it's supposed to be.  I don't know that I came across particularly funny/witty.  Anal old me, I tend to answer questions in a pretty straight-forward fashion.)  But I'm grateful for the exposure and hope someone will be inspired to read on (or more) of my books.

The crime scene Monday I'm to be the first Guest Host on the Berkley Prime Crime-Signet (that's my publisher) THE CRIME SCENE Facebook Page.  It's a great place to talk about cozy mysteries on Facebook.  The page has just gotten off the ground and they'd like to have 2500 LIKES by March 14th.  I'd like them to have 2500 Likes by March 7th -- That's Monday -- when I'm the guest host.

I'll be hosting from 11 a.m. until noon (MONDAY, MARCH 7th, Eastern Daylight Time) and you can ask me any question on my writing, cozy mysteries, whatever.  (Ask me about Star Trek even -- but not Deep Space Nine.  I never got into that version.)

I'm the first one to host the page and I'm worried that nobody will show up and that I'll be sitting here at my computer staring at the screen and nothing will happen.  (My editor will be sitting there watching his screen, too--which makes me doubly nervous.  I feel like a school kid who wants to make her teacher proud.)

So, if you're not doing anything on Monday, PLEASE come and visit me on the Crime Scene Facebook page.  (I'll give a reminder on Monday, too.)  They'll be giving away books!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I will be eternally grateful!!!

Thank you!

(P.S.  That's me and Fred, my tiny son.)