Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not such an ordinary week . . .

We're all in a tizzy because we've got a house guest arriving later today. My sister-in-law is coming for four days. I wish it was for a happy visit, but she and Mr. L will be looking at assisted living centers for their mother.

FishFry1 When company comes you have an opportunity to do things that aren't in the usual routine.  We rarely go out to dinner, but SIL wants to go out for a real Western NY fish fry. She'll probably stock up on Western NY goodies (and ship them home--she's traveling light with just carry on luggage).  Things like Zweigel's hot dog sauce, Webber's mustard, etc.

Meanwhile, I still have a few things to do before she arrives tonight.  Like finish cleaning the guest room.  It really only needs to be dusted and the bed made, but that's something that's not on my usual Tuesday list of things to do.  (Thank goodness the cleaning ladies came yesterday.)

So while I'm sad about the reason for the visit, I'm glad to have a chance to connect with my SIL.  She lives so far away that I've only seen her 6-7 in twenty years, and our phone conversations have been brief.

Have you got a house guest coming to visit in the near future?