Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's ALWAYS time to wake up

Sony-alarm-clock-radio-icfc218b Sometime last summer my digital clock lost some of its light bars so that the 9 became a 5.  This was disconcerting.  Happily, Mr. L bought me a brand new Sony alarm clock for Christmas.

Joy to the world.

Well, not exactly.

You see, when I plugged the clock in--SURPRISE!  It already knew the time.  That was great ... except it's not correct.  Mr. L always sets our clocks using Naval Observatory Time, and according to NOT this Sony clock is TWO MINUTES FAST and you can't change it!

Okay, what's two minutes?  Well, when you say to yourself, "It's Saturday. I will NOT get up until at least 7 a.m." --that clock is two minutes fast!

And another thing, my old clock had red digits.  This one has green ones.  And they're BIG.  And they LIGHT UP THE WHOLE ROOM.

Never look a gift clock in the mouth, eh?

Do you have some appliance that's annoying you but is a necessary part of life?