Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Escape (not the Pina Colada song)

Is this summer EVER going to end?

I never thought I'd say that about summer.  I love summer.  But this relentless heat . . . the mother-in-law crisis which seems to get better only to escalate again.  The book deadline that gets nearer and nearer . . .

Canadian train poster Ya know what?  I wanna run away from home.

I wanna pack a suitcase, jump on a train and go somewhere.  Maybe the Canadian Rockies.  (I don't think I can go there directly from my city, but this is fantasy anyway, right?)

I want to eat gourmet meals in a fancy dining car while the tracks below me go clickity-clack. I want to see inspiring vistas and pink and purple sunsets.

And I want to laze back in a seat and READ for PLEASURE for hours and hours on end.

Anybody want to join me?