Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steaming mad at my bank!

Steam coming out of ears My husband and I both have credit cards with the same bank.  We pay our bills separately.  I pay mine online.  He pays his by check.  I look at my statement every month to ferret out the business expenses and make sure that those expenses come out of my promotion bank account.

For some reason, I didn't notice that $678 was deducted as a 2nd payment in June.  Guess what?  The bank told my husband he never made his June payment.  Guess how much it was?

Visa Mind you.  We have totally separate accounts.  We don't even share the same last name.  So why was his payment credited to my account? The teller at the bank didn't actually pull up my husband's account to pay the bill.  Instead, she read the account number off the check (a joint account, but my account) and simply clicked open the Visa account, applying his payment to my bill.  Meanwhile, Visa has been dunning my husband and adding on interest.  (We only figured out how this happened yesterday.)
Of course I'm steaming mad because now Visa wants that $678 from me that was deducted as a payment in June. And guess what -- they STILL have not credited my husband's account with that $678 payment.

Meanwhile, the bank has been telling us, "It's all Visa's fault, not ours."  I've been dealing with this bank for over 30 years.  They're usually wonderful, but this teller was simply lazy and it has caused us all kinds of grief.

Have you ever had such a problem?