Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flip the switch and get warm

If you live in the Northeast you know . . . IT'S GETTING COLD!

It's actually been heat season for about a month now, that is, we've turned on the big furnace.  (Which ran most of the summer running the air conditioning.  I hate that.  I feel trapped in the house.  It's as bad as being stuck here in winter.)

Anyway, my office is on the opposite end of the house from the furnace.  That means my office is COLD.  In it winter, it sometimes gets down to 50 at night (when we turn down the furnace to 65).  That's a bit chilly to when you have to try to be creative.

EdenpureSeveral years ago Mr. L bought me an Edenpure heater. (Yeah, the kind that Bob Villa sells on TV.)  This little baby does a great job, if a bit slowly (for me at least).  On really cold mornings, it takes about 4-5 hours before the room gets up to a toasty 70.  (Okay, 70 really isn't toasty to me ... but others in the house seem okay with that temp.)

This little guy gets quite a workout from October until late March.  And then we take it to the cottage in April, because it gets downright cold.  (The cottage isn't winterized.)  We might end up using it until late May.  And then it gets revved up again in September.  (It's not the only form of heat we have there, but it is certainly appreciated.)

The little guy is chugging along behind me as I type this.  I figure the room will be warm in another hour or so.  Then ... let the creative juices flow ... because it'll finally be warm enough.

Do you use an auxiliary form of heat in your house?