Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm a one-woman cleaning machine

Cleaning ladyWe're having company!  Company coming means one thing to me:  CLEANING.

Did I ever mention how much I loathe house cleaning?

Yesterday I did the BIG loads of laundry.  Our greasy hairy cats love to sleep on the guest bed.  That means stripping the very cute (white vintage) chenille spread and the pillow shams.  I decided to go even deeper and washed the mattress cover, too.  This time I was smart, once everything was nice and clean, I covered the whole bed with an old sheet.  This way when our guest arrives today it'll be nice and fresh -- and no (black) cat hair.

Washing_machine_clipartI washed all the towels.  I washed all the dining room place mats (I have a lot, so I can save them up for weeks and do one big load).  I even washed all the throw rugs.

I tidied the kitchen.  I tidied my office (it needed it). I tidied the living room. I'll tidy the living room today (why do our cats scatter all their toys but refuse to play with them?) and vacuum. (Our baby suck (small shop vac) bit the dust yesterday.  I tried to fix it, but it's lost the will to live.)

Our guest will only be here two days, but our house should be clean and shining and inviting.  And then later this week we can go back to real life.

How do you prepare for a guest?