Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Does anyone REALLY care about Kim Kardashian?

Every week Mr. L opens USA Today and announces who is the hottest celebrity of the previous week.  I'm usually preoccupied feeding the cats or making coffee during this tremendous announcement and could care less.  But apparently there are a LOT of people who DO care.

KimMore often than not, the top celebrity (on the celebrity heat index) is Kim Kardashian.

Now here is a woman who rocketed to fame (notoriety?) because of ... (trumpets blare) a sex video.

Why does the world care, not only about her--but her sisters, her brother, her mother, and her stepfather?  Why is she plastered on the cover of every tabloid and gossip magazine cover?

Why did the world tune in to her (probably fabricated) wedding?  Why do people care that she and her new mate called it quits after 72 days?

It seems to me all she does is look for ways to expand her "brand" and rake in the dough.

What has this woman done to better mankind (or, more importantly, womankind)?

Why do people care about this woman?  Why do they want to know everything about her?

(BTW, I couldn't pick her out of a lineup ... that's how out of her sphere of influence I am.  I went to Google images to find her picture.)

I don't understand the allure.  And you know what?  I don't want to.

That's just me.  How about you?