Thursday, November 17, 2011

The emails that will never come

Silver pen thank youI'm feeling grumpy today, and maybe it's the two-hour dental appointment I've got later today ... and maybe it's because I didn't get a thank you.

Make that I didn't get THREE thank yous.

I recently participated in a campaign by two well-known blogs.  Every guest author wrote two blog posts and were required to give away at least one book on each blog.  When asked to participate, I was in a generous mood so I agreed to give away four books.  Three e books and one print book.

The campaign came and went and there were a lot of people vying for my contributions. That was good right?  Last week I heard from the blog owner, who gave me the name of the winners.  I immediately wrote to the three winners of the e books and told them how to obtain their prizes.  One of them claimed her e book within five minutes of receiving the email.  Another within half an hour.  The third took two days.
CricketI'm still waiting to hear from them with their heartfelt thanks.

(Do you hear the sound of crickets in the background?)

This is not the first time I've given away books, but it will be the last.

I will still guest on blogs that invite me.  I'll still hold contests with prizes. (I'm running one now for a Jeff Resnick shot glass and a goodby bag of bookmarks.  See Tuesday's post.) But I will not be giving away books via contests any more.

And I won't give away advance review copies to anyone who doesn't have a track record of writing reviews.  (That's why they call them advance REVIEW copies.)

It's a shame that a few people have ruined it for everyone else.