Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The shots are on Jeff

Do you collect shot glasses?  Do you use shot glasses?  Well, it just so happens I've got a bunch of Jeff Resnick Mysteries shot glasses.  (After all, he is a bartender.)

How can you get one?  All you have to do is post a review of my latest Jeff Resnick short story WHEN THE SPIRIT MOVES YOU on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, or Goodreads.


But wait, there's more!

For everyone who writes a review, I'll also toss in a goody bag filled with bookmarks, postcards, and/or buttons of some of your favorite cozy mystery authors.  (More than 25 pieces in each goody bag!)

How can you miss?

Where can you find the story?

Spirit_Cover.sm Uh-oh ... you don't have an e reader?  No problem.  You can download a PDF version of the story from Smashwords and read it on your computer, your iPad, and just about any other such electronic device.  It's easy!

And did I mention this novelette (over 12,000 words) is only 99¢?

If you'd like a shot at the shot glass ... just email me and tell me where to find your review.  (Remember to close up the spaces.)  LLB @ LLBartlett.com

Hurry -- this offer is only good until November 29.