Friday, December 23, 2011

And all for 99 cents!!!

BEfacebookHave you heard about Backlist eBooks?  It's a website, it's a group of authors who've been traditionally published *in may different genres) and now have self-published their backlists (originally published by Big (and some small) New York publishing houses).  And they're having a sale!

To celebrate the holidays, many of the authors at Backlist eBooks are offering one or more of their books for 99 cents.  I'm one of them!  For a limited time, I'm offering the first Jeff Resnick book (Murder On The Mind) for just 99¢ on both Kindle and Nook.

I'm also offering my cookbook, Recipes To Die For, for the same 99¢ price.

(Some other e retailers will be offering the books for the same price ... but not for long.)
The sale continues today through January 8th, then we're back to the full price on our books.

Why are we doing this? lot of Kindles and Nooks will be opened on Christmas Day, or during the 8 days of Hanukkah.  We're talking MILLIONS of e readers.  We hope that many of these Kindle recipients will give our books a try.  And for readers who already have e readers -- what a great way to nab lots of great books by proven authors?

You can access the sale page at the Backlist eBooks website.  You can view each author's offerings, or view by genre.  But please do have a look.  You might find a lot of new-to-you authors and a lot of great books.

Happy Reading!