Friday, January 6, 2012

Not quite up to Elizabeth Taylor's standards, but . . .

JewelrydisplayWhy is it all of a sudden I'm going ga-ga for jewelry?  I find myself looking at it wherever I go ... and in those catalogs I mentioned yesterday.

I want necklaces.





Eyebrow studs. (No, wait.  Erase that.)

JanewayAnd I never go anywhere to wear the stuff.  Yup, most nights it's me in front of the stereo reading or in front of the DVD player watching Star Trek: Voyager. (Gotta love Captain Janeway! And notice ... she doesn't wear jewelry.)

Sisters pinI considered buying this "sisters in heart" pin for myself and two of my best buds for Christmas.  But then the shipping was astronomical and I found out that though the pin looks BIG in the catalogs (and online) it was teeny weeny if you read the fine print (only 1.25 inches high).

Guess who didn't get the pins for Christmas.  (Besides, one of my pals told me that "only old ladies wear pins."  Should I be afraid to wear a pin now for fear of being branded OLDE? (and yes, I put that added "e" on there deliberately. <g>) 

The best way NOT to buy something like jewelry is to NOT look at it in stores and online.

Can you say "new New Year's resolution?"