Friday, February 3, 2012

Avery Aames has a pet peeve, too!

by guest blogger Avery Aames

Grocery_store_lineI’m sure someone has already groused about this already, but standing in line at the grocery store…  How is it possible that no matter what line I choose, it’s the longest? It  might look like the shortest, but lo and behold, it is not. I pull up my cart of a modest amount and start unloading, and the woman who has three things in her cart…can’t find her credit card…needs one more thing from the back of the store…the bag person decides he must help the other customer…the checker has to check the price on one of the items.  It never fails.  And then to make matters worse, the aisle next door opens up, but I’ve already laid out my things on the belt, and there isn’t a prayer in heaven that I can get those items into my basket and charge to the next line before someone—luckier than I—gets there first! 

Self-checkout-station1And don’t get me started about the self-check line. Sure, it works and can be great for moving fast unless you accidentally don’t place something in the bagging area in the allotted time, and then you need to have an attendant help you…except there are no attendants to be found!

What’s bugging you today?
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