Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doc Martin and other things to watch

Let's face it, repetitive tasks are a little boring.  So what does one do when they have address stickers and stamps that need to go on over 2500 postcards?  Why, put on a DVD and watch a little telly.
Doc martin movies
This week, while getting sticky fingers, I've watched the two Doc Martin movies, and Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown.  Loved Doc Martin ... Mrs. Brown ... didn't NOT love it, but it was sad.  : (

Of course, now that I've seen the Doc Martin movies, I feel the need to watch the TV series.  I already know it's different from the movies.  The character is more morose; instead of being an obstetrician, he's now a former surgeon.  And he's a lot crabbier.  (I got that just from watching the commercials for it on my local PBS station.)  But my Mom and my pal Ellery Adams are nuts about the show, so I figured, what the heck and ordered the first four seasons.

Queen victoria & John BrownAfter watching Mrs. Brown, I got on the computer and read all about Queen Victoria.  Hmm...didn't know much about her after all.  Through the movie, everyone thought John Brown was nuts worrying about the Queen's security, but when I read how many times people tried to assassinate her, well, his concern seemed justified.  And he personally saved her from being shot at least once.  Good show, John Brown.

I've still got a lot of stickers and stamps to put on postcards, and up next is The Young Victoria (why not find out more about her life, eh?)  And if I'm not done with the job after that, there's always Star Trek Voyager to lean back on.  (Hey, it'll only be my 5th time through the entire 7 seasons.)

It's going to be a bummer next week when I have to give up watching DVDs and go back to writing.