Monday, August 27, 2012

A cozier Jeff Resnick returns September 10th

ROOM_AT_THE_INN_medYesterday I got the cover for my upcoming Jeff Resnick release, ROOM AT THE INN, which will be available on September 10th.  Needless to say, I'm really happy.  (How about you?)

Here's the story description.

A Cozier Side of Jeff Resnick …
 Jeff Resnick is definitely out of his element when he and Maggie take a working vacation at a quaint country inn in Vermont. But just crossing the inn’s threshold brings Jeff’s funny feelings to life: someone is going to die. He’s also gripped with anxiety when he reaches a certain point on a local road. The feelings intensify and he feels the only thing that will quell them is his brother Richard’s presence. A reluctant Richard joins them—after one of the other guests has been murdered. And while the local cops do their best to investigate, Jeff knows—or at least feels—more than they do, and is driven to find the killer before he, Richard, and Maggie become the next victims.
(The story fits, chronologically, between When The Spirit Moves You and Cheated By Death.)

Will you help me spread the word? 

(Thank you.)