Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's in a (duplicate) title???

SnafuDo you know what a SNAFU is?  In the Army it's "Situation Normal:  All Fouled Up."  (Um, that's not the real F word, but we won't talk about that.)

Guess what?  The next Booktown Mystery has the SAME TITLE as another Penguin mystery.  Only that one is scheduled to come out in December, and mine is scheduled to come out next July.  To make it worse, my shame is public.  They're both already up on Amazon!

Short of happy mealHello!  Do the people in the Marketing Department (which approves these titles) talk to each other?

Now, if I had chosen the title, I might not be as perterbed. I chose a FUNNY title. It's a pun. It directly relates to two major aspects of the story. But no, they want to go "in another direction." Well, let's hope the direction they choose doesn't include another duplicate title that's about to see print, or one from the recent past.

There are many fine things that a big-name publisher does for its authors, but they aren't perfect. They don't always know what's right for a book. I know and love my book much more than they do. And the fact that the protagonist has a major meltdown early in the story might just mean that a little levity is definitely in order.


I admit it. I'm upset. I announced to the world (on Facebook, here on this blog, and just Monday to THOUSANDS of readers via my newsletter) what the new title for my book would be. All I can hope is that those of you who read it have immediate and total amnesia on the subject.

So what is the title of the next Booktown Mystery?

I'm pretty sure I'll be the last to know.