Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Teacup Tuesday: Where in this world?

Last week's Teacup Tuesday topic was ... where in the world, and with whom, would you like to have tea? Keep reading for some of the comments that came in.

"In London with Agatha Christie. Would enjoy hearing her speak about her writing & her characters. (Hmmm..maybe she could explain her 10 day disappearance in 1926.)"
--Charlie M.

Kim D. from Holt, MI wrote on my Facebook page, "In Wales with David Tennent."
Here's a special teacup for you, Kim.

"In Tenn with my daughter. We went to a 'tea' once in Crossville, TN several years ago and it was a special event."
--Charline B., Clarkridge, TN

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And the winner is!


Brenda H, from Newcastle, OH wrote that she'd like to have tea with "My grandfather. He passed away when I was 14. I would love to tell him about my kids and everything in life and how much I miss him."

And the winner of the free tea sample from Latteda.com is Diane L. from Manchester, CT.

I have contacted both winners via e-mail.

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Next Week's Giveaway

Next week, let's talk teatime recipes. 

What is it you like best for tea?  Care to share your favorite recipe?  Send your entry to contest @ lornabarrett.com  (close up those spaces) and you might win the lovely floral bone china teacup above!

Don't forget, you'll also be in the running for a free tea sample from Latte Da -- two chances to win!