Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tea for two ... dogs and more!

By guest blogger Mary Jane Maffini

Winter is hanging around into April, longer and more unpredictable than usual. That means there are still days when it seems like I have a death grip on the steering wheel for hours because of icy roads and rough conditions.  Plus, we seem to have Olympic size potholes on our street. Simple errands cause my back muscles to knot. That’s when it’s great to come home to the words, “I put the tea on.”

I think this is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for a person.

Plants_mo_te_027 Plants_mo_te_026

Of course, as the dogs can’t be counted on to do that, it can only be the Little Mister. I truly appreciate this when it happens. It’s such a lovely thought and it’s a great way to unwind and share a little break together. I’m hoping to get him trained to set things up like this.

However, he’s a mug kind of guy. What can I say?  Sometimes a mug is just what the doctor ordered.  I know we all love (and I mean LOVE) teacups here on Teacup Tuesday, but tell the truth, do you sometimes take great pleasure in a very large mug of hot tea?  Especially if it’s in front of the fireplace and there’s a dog or two to snuggle up with.

So tell me, does a cup or mug of tea make your day? Would you prefer to substitute cats for dogs?  We make our own rules here – let’s hear yours.


Christie CurseThe very versatile Mary Jane Maffini writes a number of mystery series (The Camilla McFee, Fiona Silk, and Charlotte Adams Mysteries) and is also part of the mother-daughter mystery writing team of Victoria Abbott with the Book Collector Mysteries.  The first in that series is The Christie Curse.


The winner of the Tea for One is Beth H. from Dallas, TX.
Tea for one1
Latte da-sm
The winner of the Boneyard Tea sample from Latteda.com is Lisa M from Centerville, GA.