Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Everyone deserves a present every so often

Alphasmart neo2_single

My friend Judy once told me, “Always let your mother buy you a present when she wants to – because one day she will be gone.” I wish I’d followed her advice a little more closely. But last week I decided to use a little of the money my mother left me (so far I hadn’t touched a penny) to buy myself a used Alphasmart keyboard.

These were developed to help kids learn to type, but were mostly used by writers. I used to have an Alphasmart but lost the cord to download and don’t know what happened to it. The new-to-me Alphasmart arrived over the weekend and it sure didn’t look used to me, despite the fact it’s probably six years old. (They don’t make them anymore.)

It’s just a keyboard. No Internet. Just to test it out, I wrote 900 words on a short story in about 20 minutes. (It doesn’t hurt if you already know what you want to write. Wish that would happen more often.)

Have you treated yourself to anything lately?