Monday, September 11, 2017

Try these books for a change of pace

As a writer, I don't only read what I write. Yes, I adore cozy mysteries, and yes, I read darker suspense, but I also read what I call "fun stuff." Sweet romance and YA books. (Harry Potter is considered YA and boy, did that series get dark--and not just kids read them.)

But a fun series I've been reading is Mary Kennedy's Crazy Love Diaries.  She wrote three of them: Love Signs, The Ten Cupcake Romance, and Only You. They are utterly charming, and laugh-out loud funny.

Here's a bit more about them.

Love Signs: Tracy Adams trusts her horoscope--it's been right 100% of the time. When the stars predict she'll meet a good-looking boy, Jeff Nichols shows up. Tracy falls hard, but the stars warn Tracy not to mistake friendship for love.  Now she's confused. Jeff is everything she wants in a boyfriend, but her horoscope insists Steve Richards is a better match for her, even though they have nothing in common. Have the stars made a terrible mistake? Should Tracy trust her heart or her horoscope?

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The Ten Cupcake Romance: Every time Amy Miller falls in love, she eats her heart out—literally! Her latest crazy is cupcakes, but when her friend Sharon finds Amy devouring a whole box of them, she knows that Amy needs to find a better hobby. Why not become a romance novelist? Amy loves the idea and Simon Adams a cute British student fits right into the plot. In fact, he's the main character. Amy knows enough about love to fill a book, but even she can't guess how the story will end.

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Only You:  Carla Santini. She's the Italian exchange student who's coming to stay with Jamie Hogan and her family for the summer. Jamie can hardly wait to spend time with Carla—it will be just like having a sister her own age. Everyone is waiting for Carla's arrival at the airport. When a gorgeous Italian boy steps off the plane, Jamie gasps in surprise. Carla is actually Carlo—there was a typo! Can one key stroke turn Jamie's world upside down?

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If you want a fun read that will take you back in time to your high school days, you can't miss with the Crazy Love Diaries.