Monday, April 2, 2012

It only costs me 66 cents a week!

Water with lemon,jpgEarlier this year, when I was on vacation, I had a glass of water with every meal.  With lemon. I liked it. A lot.  So, when I came home, I thought ... I'd drink more water if it had lemon in it.

Wow--what a concept!

One of the reasons I haven't been drinking enough water is that after a while it seems to get "stale."  A flat, metallic taste.  Guess what?  Pour a BIG mug of water, toss in a lemon slice, and no more flat taste, even if it sits for an hour or more.

Lemon-in mugI've even got so I like hot water with just lemon in it.  And, I can use the same (thick) lemon slice all day.  I just keep refilling the cup.

Are you fully hydrated?