Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Of gates and horses

In Sentenced to Death, we're introduced to a new character:  Michele Fowler, owner of the Foxleigh Gallery, where David Black exhibits his masterpiece of metal, a beautiful welded gate titled TRIUMPH.  It was based on an Albert Paley sculpture I'd seen in the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester some years ago.  While I've looked at Mr. Paley's website, I've never been able to find a picture of the magnificent sculpture described in the book (and if you saw it, you'd be just as impressed as me).

Here's another breathtaking pair of gates he did.

Portal gates

Meanwhile, Angelica is interested in some bronze horse sculptures done by an artist who also just happens to live in my hometown, Dan Malczewski, and I happen to own two of his sculptures. (He specializes in these fantastic horses and sells them in galleries in Philadelphia and Chicago, as well as here in Rochester.)  At the end of the story, Angelica buys one of the horses to give as a gift.

The little guy below is only 6 inches high, but isn't he magnificent?  He was a Christmas gift from Mr. L.

Danny HOrse1 800p w cr

I also have his larger brother, who stands 9 inches high and is 17 inches long.  He was a birthday gift from Mr. L.  (I think you'll agree that Mr. L has wonderful taste.)


I'll be talking about other aspects of the Booktown Books (hopefully) every Wednesday for the foreseable future.  I'll hope you'll drop in.  (And let me know if you have any questions about the Booktown books--I'd be happy to answer them.)

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  1. When is the next booktown book coming out? I've read them all and am anxious to read the next one.