Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The call I never thought I'd get

Last Wednesday night, the telephone rang. ShockedIt was my Berkley Prime Crime editor with news I never expected to hear.

Bookmarked for Death will appear on the New York Times Bestsellers Extended list for mass market paperbacks at #33.

Can you say SPEECHLESS???

My poor editor was sick with the flu, and after hanging up I wondered -- uh-oh, what if he made a mistake. What if he made the call during a fever-induced hallucination? Luckily, his assistant e-mailed me the next morning and assured me it was indeed true -- and she attached the evidence to her note.

A friend of mine was told by his editor that he would never become a bestselling author because his books were less than 100,000 words. Well, I'm the Queen of short novels, so there's no way I ever thought New York Times Bestseller and my name would be uttered in the same sentence. And yet ... there I am--or will be as of February 22nd.

Then, to up the ante, on Saturday I got an e-mail from my friend author Toni L.P. Kelner, telling me that Bookmarked for Death had debuted on the IndieBound (Booksense) Bestseller list at #18.

SnoopyhappydanceI've been doing the happy dance for days now. New York Times Bestseller. It's unbelievable.