Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's Growing In My Garden

Peas along the fence
It's been just over a month (actually 5 weeks) since I planted my crop of snow peas.  Boy, those little guys are taking their time growing.  But finally they're at a stage where you can actually see they are pea plants.  However, the dim bulbs are having a hard time finding the fence so they can climb.  We had a wicked wind storm over the weekend--lots of trees down, and I was worried my little guys might not make it, but although they were flattened, they're once again trying to stand tall, and trying to climb each other instead of the fence.  (What's a kitchen gardener to do?)

Of course the peas aren't the only thing growing in the yard.  I think all the perennials are up.  And yesterday we bought an azalea to go into a corner that used to have a cotonieaster.  (It grew too big and out of control and has now gone to cotonieaster heaven.)  I wanted one that was an orangy-peachy color, just like my parent used to have when I was growing up, but apparently that color is no longer in fashion so I choose this pink beauty.

New azalia
Of course, next up, we have to dig the hole to put this little guy in. (It's going to be a BIG hole.)
We had hoped to put our bean crop in two weeks early, especially since we had such a lovely April . . . but we've had snow this week, and there predictions of several more heavy freezes, so I guess if I get the beans in Memorial Day Weekend, it'll have to do.

I'm looking forward to a long, lovely summer growing stuff.  How about you?