Friday, December 3, 2010

And this month's picture is . . .

Calendar pages Good grief!  Yesterday I realized I had forgotten to turn the page on the calendar.  Okay, I knew it was the tooth of December.  I knew because I'd been given (Shouting thanks!!!) a Jacquie Lawson digital advent calendar for my computer, and I'd been waiting since last week to play with it.

I give and get a LOT of Jacquie Lawson e-mailed cards and love them, so I was thrilled when a notice arrived in my email in box telling me someone cared enough to send me one.
Promptly on Dec. 1st, I "entered" the village, and it's essentially one of Jacquie's card for the first 25 days of the month.  Fun!  (Today it was the sweets in the coffee shop.  Yum!)

Dec calendar Yesterday I finally turned page on the calendar that hangs over my computer desk.  It's a "Collectibles" calendar I got at Michael's long after Christmas (earlier this year).  Because it had only started out at a dollar, and had been reduced and reduced and reduced, I think I paid the grand sum of 30 cents for it.  I rather liked the pictures so I bought two and hung one at the cottage. (Which is stuck on October and will be until we reopen it in April.)

Most of the pictures are really nice, but December--ick poo!  Stockings made of old quilts in drab colors.  (Yes, the color red can actually be drab.)  It's sad to think of old (once pretty) quilts ending up as ugly Christmas stockings, but there you have it.

You can have loads of fun playing on the Internet before the end of the month.  As I mentioned the other day, I'm involved in two online giveaways.  The Access Romance Holiday Scavenger Hunt and the Bookends Literary Agency's 12 Days of Bookmas now through Dec. 16th.  (I give clues every weekday on my Facebook page.)

In the meantime, here's my holiday card to you.  (Click here!)

What's the December picture on YOUR calendar?