Monday, February 25, 2013

Teacup contest -- will you win?

I'm always trying to engage my readers in a little conversation.  So lately I've been posting "a teacup a day" on my Lorraine Bartlett author page.  (BTW, I also have Facebook pages for Lorna Barrett, L.L. Bartlett, and the Jeff Resnick Mysteries (although that one is under construction right now).  I'd LOVE it if you'd come and like them.  Thanks!)

Readers seem to like the teacups.  LIke this one:

and this one:

My character, Katie Bonner of the Victoria Square Mysteries, always aspired to be an innkeeper, and one who served afternoon tea.  Since she isn't yet an inkeeper, she patronizes the teashop on Victoria Square.

All this talk of teacups gave me an idea about author giveaways.  I'm not fond of giving books away, but I do like to reward my readers for their loyalty and support.  (You guys are great.)

So, I'm going to give away this teacup (BELOW):
  Contest cup

In addition to the teacup, I'll send out 5 Goody Bags full of bookmarks, postcards, and buttons to the runners up.

 Enter now for a chance to win! 

Tell me the name of the tea shop in my first Victoria Square Mystery, A Crafty Killing.   Email your answer to me at:  LLB @  (remember to close up those spaces).  Be sure to include your snail mall address so I can mail the prizes.  (P.S.  Those not already on my mailing list will be added--and you'll receive a postcard when my next book is out.)

BONUS QUESTION:  The names of the owners. (The winner will get the cup AND a goody bag!)

DO NOT put your answer in the blog comments. 

You have until midnight on Thursday, February 28th, to enter the contest.  Mr. L will choose the winners from a hat, and they will be announced on Friday, March 1st.

Good Luck!