Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's GOT to go!

Thanks to the cleaning lady who comes for a couple of hours every couple of weeks, my house is nice and clean, and pretty tidy, too.  Except for my office.

I know, I've ragged before on how messy my desk is (and I moved a bunch of papers, so it's not bad today), but the office itself still feels like a warehouse with all the boxes of books and bookmarks and piles of papers.

Somethings GOT to go.  Okay, I did clear out a bunch of boxes the other day and took them down to the basement to hide, er store them.  I need them.  I'm constantly sending stuff out and need (especially small) boxes.

Overflowing closet What's got to happen is a major closet dump.  I have stuff in there I can't even get to because there's so much piled in there.  (Think Fibber Magee's closet.)  If I could part with the stuff I no longer need/use, I'd reclaim my leather reading chair and wouldn't trip over boxes of bookmarks.

Most of the stuff in the closet consists of file boxes of old stories, office supplies, and stuff leftover from my days as a dealer in an antiques co-op.  That's the stuff I've had a hard time parting with.  I miss those days something terrible, but not enough to go back into business.  It was just too time consuming for too little profit.  (Kind of like being an author, but I didn't get to stay home and sit around in my sweats.)

So, they've got to go.  Things like baby socks.  (Yeah, I'd buy them and make catnip toys out of them.  They were a big hit.  I always made new ones for Chester, so he's got about 12 of them lying around the house somewhere.)  Picture frames.  Plate stands (I think I have about 20 of them).  Ribbon.  (I used them for my fancy-schmancy tags and have about 20 spools in different colors.) I have a HUGE bag of potholder loops.  (As a kid, I loved to make potholders.  For some reason, I just kept buying the things at garage sales.  But now it's time for them to go.)

Yup.  That closet needs to be emptied ... so I can fill it up again.

What useless things do YOU have in YOUR closet?